For a smooth kitchen remodel, hire a professional Indianapolis remodeler

Indianapolis kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel or renovation can go a long way to updating the look and potentially increase it’s value.  So it is no wonder that a kitchen remodel is one of the most popular home improvement and remodel projects homeowner’s choose to explore.  There are many good contractors in the Indianapolis area, so how do you know who to hire?  The answer to that is a hard one. And most often, it boils down to who you feel comfortable with. Having a good relationship with your contractor is important, however, there are a few things you can look for that may help narrow down your choices.

The good news is there are many great Indianapolis area remodel contractors that are capable of renovating your kitchen.  Heck, you may even have a relative that is capable of installing cabinets. In most cases, if your replacing cabinets of identical dimensions and in the same layout, cabinet replacement can be a breeze. But, what happens if you want to change the layout? What happens if you want to change the location of your kitchen sink or your oven and range? Is your choice of cabinet installer capable of making those changes also? On a more drastic level, what do you do if you want to remove a wall in your kitchen to open up space into another area of your house, such as the family room?  You do not want to hire just anyone to complete this work. In such as case, your best bet is to hire a reputable, full-service remodel contractor.

kitchen-remodel-IndianapolisWhen it comes to major modifications, which are more and more common, your remodel contractor should be able to handle and coordinate all the trades necessary. This means scheduling and overseeing the work of licenses plumbers and electricians, as well as painter’s, flooring installers, and countertop companies.  Make sure the contractor your looking to hire will include all this in his price and that you, the homeowner, are not responsible for overseeing or hiring these separate trades.

Another benefit of a reputable, professional remodel contractor is they most likely have access to a wide variety of cabinet brands, in many different price points and have several color, wood, and accessory options. Some, like Gettum Associates, may be dealers of one or more cabinet brands. For example, Gettum Associates offers both Diamond Cabinetry and Candlelight Cabinetry but also has access to almost every name-brand cabinet manufacturer.  So, if your set on one type of cabinet you can feel confident a reputable remodeler will be able to purchase it for you.

The availability of several countertop options is another feature to consider when comparing  contractors to complete your next kitchen remodel.  New countertops can add the finishing touch to any kitchen remodel or renovation project.  It seems that material options are almost limitless. Even plastic laminate countertops, which have been considered to be a budget selection now can look great, closely resembling stone and solid surface options, but in a budget-friendly material and construction.  Of course, if your all about trends in home design, a well-known, full service remodeler will have samples of natural stone, such as granite as well as man-made stone products.  A local remodeler who has been around for a while will have an established relationship with several reputable countertop companies and provide several quality choices.

While it is true that a skilled carpenter can install cabinetry, only a full-service, professional remodeler can package all the services into one.  Rather than have multiple companies and people to contact, hiring a professional remodeler gives you only one place to point the finger should a problem arise.  In many cases, having a contractor be responsible for all phases of a kitchen remodel can save time and money. And that is never a bad thing!

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