Fall maintenance home guide – Maintain your Indianapolis home

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Home inspection is key to the maintaining the value of your  home – and you can do it!

(Get your fall home inspection guide)

Spring and fall are both great times of the year. They are also the best times to do a self inspection of your home.  Putting a “good eye” on your home’s condition, both inside and out, can go a long way to reducing the damage and costs of relative small problems.  As many know, a small problem can turn into a larger one the longer one waits to address the problem.  Inspections and maintenace are key to protecting your investment in your house.  For Indianapolis and surrounding areas, we have a guide to help you look out for the most problematic areas.

While the majority of issues to look out for are the same for both spring and fall, there are a few differences in each. That is why it is important to create your own checklist on what is important for each seasons.  For example, for those with in-line humidifiers, you probably know that the damper settting or postion on your humidifer is different in spring and summer compared to fall and winter.

To inspect your Indianapolis home, you can check out the fall inspection and maintenance guide for your home.

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