Exterior trim replacement options for your Indianapolis home

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Chances are if you have rotten siding, your exterior trim is in equally bad shape and will most likely need replacement.  Exterior trim, such as corner boards, window and exterior door trim, fascia and rake boards as well as soffits typically get replaced at the same time as the siding.  Wood exterior trim is prevalent, not only on homes with wood siding, but houses sided in vinyl also. Just as there have been advances on materials used for siding, there are new products for exterior trim also.  Sure, you can use new cedar exterior trim, which has a relatively long life-span, however there are some better options.  Most new products are resistant to rot, decay and insect infiltration for their lifetime.  Some are a blend of wood fibers, called composites, while others are entirely synthetic. Here is a quick summary of exterior trim material options:
  1. Cedar (real wood) trim- Cedar has long been a popular choice for exterior trim as it weathers well.  It will eventually deteriorate, but its natural ability to resist decay and moisture makes it a decent choice over other wood products such as pine and fir.  Cedar is a popular choice for trim on homes for both wood and vinyl siding.
  2. Fiber cement trim – Fiber cement exterior trim, made by the likes of James Hardie and Certainteed was developed to compliment one of the most popular, modern siding option: Fiber cement siding.  Fiber cement enjoys insect and moisture resistance as well as being fire resistant.  The product is a mixture of cement and wood fibers, along with some additional additives.  Another benefit of fiber cement exterior trim is it takes and holds paint very well as it is dimensional stable.  This extends time betweeen re-paints, thus saving some money in the long run, when compared to wood siding and its maintenance.
  3. PVC Trim – azek pvc trimAdvances in plastics technology have led to the rise in use of PVC exterior trim.  PVC based trim, such as products made by Azek, is not only a popular choice for exterior trim, but is used for decking as well.  Plastic based trim will not rot and can be routed and carved into anything, just like wood.  PVC trim products can be bonded to  each other with special glues that chemically bond each piece together.  Like fiber cement trim, PVC  trim is paintable.
So, if you have unfortunately discovered you need to replace your siding, you most likely will be replacing your corner boards or fascia.  Consider new wood alternatives that will increase the lifespan of your house components.  Especially if you are considering installing fiber cement siding, using a composite or PVC based trim might make the most sense over time. (see an example of a fiber cement siding and exterior trim replacement in Carmel Indian HERE) Good news for you, now is a GREAT time to make repairs and improvements. Request a Consultation!

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