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zionsville exterior progress 1

One of the most popular projects homeowner’s are completing this past winer and into this spring has been exterior make overs, renovations and upgrades. In many cases, it’s to revamp the overall look of the home. In others, it’s to replace materials that have lived out there useful life. Plywood panel siding is a perfect example of a product that we find ourselves removing and replacing with more advanced, longer-lasting materials such as fiber cement.

What follows is a great example of the type of work central Indiana homeowner’s are interested in.  Below are both before and in-progress pictures of an exterior renovation and remodel project located in Zionsville, Indiana.

Project scope includes:

  • new James Hardi fiber cement siding, both lap and shake siding styles
  • new fiber cement exterior trim
  • new front porch roof
  • new front dormers
  • new rear sliding patio door
  • new rough-sawn cedar pergola
  • new rear concrete porch slab and new concrete walkway
  • new roof shingles

Before photos: (pre-demo/pre-construction)

front entry-before-1 front of house-before-1 rear of house-before-3 Rear concrete patio slab-before-4 rear patio door-before-5

Construction pictures (in-progress):

Front porch construction zionsville exterior renovation-in progress-2zionsville new roof and pergola-5 zionsville pergolas construction-2 zionsville pergolas construction picture-1

More pictures coming soon!

To learn more about updating your exterior, give the the Zionsville remodeling experts at Gettum Associates, Inc a call! You can learn more at www.Gettum.com and check out additional examples of before and after remodeling projects around the Indianapolis Indiana area.

There has never been a better time to renovate and upgrade your home!

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