Entry door replacement options for your Indianapolis home

Indianapolis Indiana fiberglass front door

Thinking about replacing your exterior doors?

Are your exteriorior doors dated, dented, rusting or hard to close? It may be time to install new doors. If your home was built in the 1980’s or earlier, it is probably time to consider replacement doors.

Newer technology has provided for better insulating value both within the door and the weatherstripping used.  Many are also now made with rot-resistant frames and sills.  Wood replacement doors are certainly an option, but insulated steel or fiberglass exterior doors are the most common doors used today.  Insulated steels doors remain popular, but fiberglass doors are a better choice, for just a little more cost.

Fiberglass doors have many key advantages over wood or steel doors.  Compared to wood, fiberglass are dimensional stable and are unlikely to warp. Second, they are more resistant to moisture.  Also, a fiberglass door will not dent like a wood or steel door.

As far as design options go, fiberglass offers just as many styles as wood or steel doors do.  New advances in fiberglass door manufacturing has allowed fiberglass exterior doors  to be stained.  The doors can also be textured with realistic wood graining to match that of oak or mahagony.  Several stain colors are available to finish the door. Smooth fiberlgass doors, without graining, are intended to be painted and come factory primed.  The doors can be painted with a quality exterior latex paint to match your existing exterior paint colors.

One other great thing about choosing fiberglass is the cost! When compared to wood door, fiberglass doors are almost always cheaper.  And, as mentioned above, fiberglass generally costs just a little bit more than steel.

This was a quick summary of the advantages of chosing a fiberglass exterior door for your next door replacement project.  For more information, search the web and check out www.ThermaTru.com or www.Masonite.com for more information about fiberglass exterior door units.

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