Decorate your home for halloween

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Decorating your home for Halloween can be fun!

halloween placemats resized 600Halloween can be a fun holiday, especially if you have children.  If not, it can still be fun, and be a great thing for the other kids in the area.  Halloween decorations can be simple or can be elaborate. Either way, dressing up your home for the season will not go unnoticed!

Whether indoors or outside, holiday decorations can be simple! Corn stalks, pumpkins and Indian corn are a few different ways to add a festive touch to your home.  For kids, try to find Halloween-themed placemats to add a touch at meal time!  You can also purchase “fake” spider webs to string around the inside or outside of your house.  One of the more popular decorations seen around homes are inflatables.  Whether it is a ghost, Frankestein, or Count Dracula, inflatable lit up characters are another fun way to dress up your home.

halloween inflatable resized 600Most of all remember the home’s in our neighborhoods with the best decorations and effects! I remember several houses that played creepy music and effects through hidden speakers, adding to the drama.  Some even used fog machines for a cool, eery effect!  No matter how far you choose to take your decorating and Halloween-themed accents, they will be appreciate by both young and old alike!

Do you plan on decorating your home for Halloween?

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