Creative ways to add closet space to your master bedroom

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With most people staying in their current homes longer, many struggle to find ways to increase the amount of storage space they have. Not everyone has the budget to add an addition to their homes, however with a little creative space planning and a modest budget, you can add valuable extra closet and storage space to your Indianapolis area home.

bedroom closet before1 edited resized 600It seems anytime we talk of modifying or adding a feature to our homes, it conjures images of wall demolition and dust! That is not always the case.  A perfect example is a recent project completed by Gettum Associates Inc, added storage and closet space without removing walls. Well, kind of. In fairness, the installation of two new closets was one part of a larger project. However, it illustrates the point perfectly: Yes, you can install closets without significant demolition and it can be made to look as though it was always there! (click to go to the project gallery)

Thankfully, in this example, the master bedroom was large enough to accommodate two new closets and not feel crowded.  Take note of the existing or before photo (above) and note the window centered in the existing wall. Having the window centered, allowed for the installation of two closets which create a nice, eye-pleasing balance.  Further, the addition of the bench seat, with hinged lid, ties in the two closets and provides that “extra touch” that really sets the project off!

So, two new clothes closets and a built-in bench seat with flip-top storage all without major demolition or construction.  True, the closets are not huge. However, with proper thought and design, closet shelving and rod can be arranged to provided the maximum amount of space possible. (click to go to the project gallery)

And, in comparison to a master suite addition that would add more space, this renovation was relatively inexpensive.  Let’s face it, storage space is a hot button for prospective home buyer’s. You can really never have too much! It’s even better when it doesnt cost an arm and a leg to achieve.  If you need to add more closet space to your Indianapolis area home, call the professionals at Gettum Associates.

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