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Countertop replacement is an important part of a kitchen remodel

Renovating or rejuvinating the kitchen of your Indianpolis home is not only a valuable part of maintaining your homes value, but also rewarding.  One of the best things you can do is upgrade the countertops in your kitchen.

If you have quality cabinets, investing some money in upgrading your countertops can go a long way. Not only in terms of upgrading the look, but also adding value. One of the first things a potential buyer of your home will look at is the kitchen. You can upgrade the look in your kitchen by replacing your old countertops with a newer option.  For your cabinets, there are many options. If you have quality cabinets, they may be able to be painted or refinished to upgrade the look.

If that is the case, great! Go for your countertops.  There are many options on the market for countertops. Of course, natural stone, particularly granite is a very popular option to add an upgrade to your Indianapolis area kitchen.  (photo by Granite-Charlotte)

However, man-made, stone look products such as quartz countertops, are also popular.  These days, you can even make countertops from concrete, stained and textured to your liking. So, you have a lot of options! Research the benefits and drawbacks of each and choose the product best for your lifestyle as well as your neighborhood.

Even plastic laminates, such as products made by WilsonArt and Formica, can be a great options. New textures, colors and options are bringing back laminate countertop options for those on a budget. There are even kits available from Rust-Oleum that have been developed to refinish existing laminate counterops.

granite countertops2 resized 600However, it is important to match your countertops with other homes in your area. If most homes in your neighborhood have granite, then that will be your best option.  If your updating to sell, consult with your local realtor.  Find out the trends in your area! There are many great options, choose the one best for you and your home (photo by virtualcourtney)

For help on selected the best product for your Indianapolis kitchen remodel, request your remodel consultation!

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