Color Trends 2013: Ways to Add Emerald to Your Home


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Color Trends 2013:

Because it’s a basic color in nature, green tends to be easy on the eyes. Whether paired with happy spring colors or deep, rich shades of fall, the hue can blend or stand out as you see fit in your interior decor. Each year, Pantone, the color guru’s of America for the past 50 years, have forecasted tangerine, honeysuckle and turquoise as the trending color of the next 12 months. For 2013, it’s Emerald’s turn to shine. Here’s how to easily incorporate the vivid hue into your home dcor without it quickly growing outdated:

In the Living Area

Using your living room as a canvas for the new color is one of the boldest ways to incorporate Emerald into your home. If you love the look, adorn an accent wall or interior lining of a bookshelf with this fun hue. For a more subtle inclusion, pair matching Emerald lampshades with rich shades of furniture you already own.

In the Bedroom

Beside pillows, consider an Emerald colored tufted headboard or curtains that hang breezily over the Shade Store’s window blinds. Paired with deep browns, rich navy and subdued metallics, the pop of Emerald will add a dramatic flair to your room. If a complete makeover isn’t in your plan, include the jewel tone in an extra subtle way crisp, white sheets adorned with Emerald embroidery threading.

In the Kitchen

Using a pop of green in your kitchen can help the space come alive and feel welcoming, balanced and in harmony with all of your other rooms. Pair tea towels with a multicolored rug and matching place mats in the dining room. Find jewel colored accessories to place throughout the space, such as a metallic-Emerald front for the toaster or mixer, salt shakers or serving trays. For a less pronounced approach, fill a clear vase with Emerald-colored sea glass to do the trick.

In the Office

According to a press release, Emerald is known to signify new life, growth and prosperity.

“Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Use the color in your office to motivate you and encourage personal, financial and career success in 2013.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is the best place to go bold because accessories are often replaced every few years. Let an Emerald waterfall-ruffle shower curtain be the room’s focal point or pair a patterned Emerald wallpaper with bright-white linens. Incorporate the color throughout the room in less dramatic ways, like in towel threading, cabinet knobs or colored soaps.

In Your Closet

Granted you’ll want to have a few key pieces of Emerald in your closet, such as a handbag or pair of shoes, but what about your actual closet? Bring forgotten colors out of the woodwork by painting the interior walls a radiant Emerald. Substitute paint for light wallpaper. If all else fails, add a pretty rug to meet your Emerald fix.

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Margaret has been redecorating homes since was 6, when she created curtains from pink Kleenex to match the parlor furniture in her dollhouse. She’s been enjoying decorating and accenting rooms and giving advice to her readers on decorating, ever since.

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