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When in comes to lighting your Indianapolis area kitchen, try and choose lighting that accomplishes a particular task. Easier said than done, yes i know! But when it comes the time during your kitchen remodel project to consult with an electrician for placement of lights that accomplish what you need in the given area.

There are many things to consider. What goes over the kitchen sink? What lights do you place over an island or peninsula? How about accent or working lighting? These are all good questions. Think about how you will use each space. While one lighting type might be a good option about your island, it may not be the best use over the rest of the space.

For sinks, for example, you will want a multitask light option such as a recessed can light or even a full flush mount fixture to light up that area. Feel free to use a fixture that fits your area above your sink area, or a can light fixture may do fine. However, areas such as desks or separate island or peninsulas may be better suited with other options. For instance, a flush ceiling mounted or even a down lighting, such as pendant lights might be better for that space. It all depends on how you may use it.

The trend in kitchen lighting is also to provide access lighting. You may wish to install low voltage rope lighting in the upper crown molding and accent trim. You may also wish to install  low voltage halogen work lights under the upper cabinets for use in preparing food and other uses.

Do not be afraid to get ideas from website on the internet as well as consult with the electrician responsible for wiring your next Indianapolis kitchen remodel project. Your electrician cam help explain your options an tell you the trends and what is working for other homeowner’s. Do not be afraid to consider your options. Again, it all depends on how you will use the space. And don’t forget any office spaces or places that you may be writing and paying bills. That’s important. Be sure you can see what your doing. Sometimes in the spots of home office areas, etc it is better to install fluorescent fixtures that can provide the light you need to see print, checks, etc.

Good luck, and be sure to consult with your electrician on the locations you wish to illuminate.

If you have questions, feel free to ask the Indianapolis kitchen remodeling experts. We will make an appointment with you at your home to assess your needs. Click here.

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