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CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist)  is a designation earned through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) by a testing and graduation process.  It promotes smart design concepts to enable older, maturing adults to age in their homes.

The concept of “Aging in Place” is not just for older homeowners or those with ambulatory issues. It is equally appropriate for all age groups and is usually introduced during most design phases in subtle ways. Making a new master bedroom or bathroom door just a little wider if the space permits is very economical and can simply be a nicer  more comfortable way to move through a home, regardless of the owner’s age or health.

Many of the suggested design elements which are helpful to older owners or owners who have mobility issues are also very comforting to any age, like better lighting, more open floor plans with larger spaces in bathrooms, hallways and other areas involving reach. These concepts are easily adapted to a remodeling project and simply make great designs.

Gettum Associates is proud to be able to offer this concept as a regular part of its design process.

For more information, please download an information pamphlet produced by the NAHB.

So, you love your neighbors, your neighborhood, the schools and the memories you have made as a family. The house: Maybe not so much. What if you could have a great home without moving! Don’t move, improve. There are many great reasons to stay in your home and remodel to suit your needs.

With up-front planning, you can avoid the hassle and expense of building a new home, or moving into an existing home with aging in place modifications. The fact is remodeling your current home to meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle can often times be more cost effective than moving.  Whether you need more common family area space, more space for entertaining or perhaps another room to accommodate a parent or in-law moving in, the possibilities are many.

The key to proper planning and making your dreams a reality is to hire a professional, design-build remodel contractor.  Gettum Associates is an award-winning expert remodel contractor and has completed hundreds of home additions, home expansions and other remodeling projects.  Since 1987, we have specialized in turning houses into dream homes.  No matter your needs, our team of experts has you covered.

By paying attention to every detail, our team can seamlessly integrate the old into the new, to avoid that “added on” look.  And, with our “one-stop-shop” you avoid coordinating multiple contractors. We do it all, large or small!

From initial concept to the design, then completion and our follow-up “service after the sale”, you can feel confident that our 25+ years of experience will help you realize your home’s full potential. Don’t move, improve! Call today.

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