Build an addition or Home Office Renovation?

Home office renovation

A small business might begin as nothing more than a small space at the kitchen table, but eventually it may become necessary to consider building an addition or planning a home office renovation. An addition can help you create a dedicated space for your small business, and renovations can improve the electrical system, usable space, and design of your home office.

Choosing a home office renovation or home addition will require a brief investigation of the benefits of each, as well as a conversation on cost. Your home will increase in value whether you choose a renovation or an addition, but one may suit your personal needs better when you consider the pros and cons of each.

Transform Your Formal Dining Room Into a Home Office

Many homeowners have a formal dining room that isn’t utilized more than twice a year for Thanksgiving dinner and a visit during the December holidays. Does your home have a formal dining room that collects more dust than family memories? That room could be a candidate for a brand new home office.

According to House Logic, there are several benefits to transforming a formal dining room into a home office:

“Formal dining rooms can be overrated. If yours isn’t being used regularly, convert it to a small office. You’ll be close to your main entry, making it easy to receive clients and business associates. If a nearby kitchen or other busy household area is a noisy distraction, install French or sliding doors as acoustic barriers.”

Your formal dining room isn’t the only space that may prove to be an excellent option for a new home office. A particularly spacious closet may offer an option, particularly if you can install a window somewhere in the room. If a window would negatively impact the exterior appearance of your house, another option for creating light in your closet office is a skylight.

Design Elements of Your New Office

In a pinch, any desk will do when it comes to your home office, your existing internet connection may provide you with enough speed, and a kitchen chair can give you the seat you need for your improvised desk. However, these features might need an upgrade once your small business grows and requires added technology and ergonomic devices.

Design and construction elements that you may need to consider when planning your new home office renovation include:

  • Lights – Natural light is beneficial for your home office, and you may also wish to have new LED lighting installed for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Furniture – A new desk and new office furniture can transform your old office into one where you can bring clients as you might in a commercial building.
  • Electricity – Do you live in an old house with few power outlets? Don’t overburden your electrical system or work with old wires. Consider increasing your device capacity.

Your home office renovation contractor can help you design the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing space as possible. You’ll find it helpful to ask for a list of recommended features in your new office.

Building an Addition for Your Office

A swiftly growing business needs an owner who can look to the future for what the business needs to continue that growth. For some small business owners, an entire home addition makes the most sense, particularly when new employees join the fledgling company. If you feel your business isn’t likely to require a completely separate commercial space, a home addition can serve you well for many years.

Additionally, a home addition may be the right choice if you’d like to expand your home to include more than just a new home office. For example, you may build a 2-story addition with a master bedroom on the top floor and your home office on the bottom floor.

Get Design and Home Office Renovation Help from Gettum Associates

Our team of experienced and friendly home renovation experts can help you design the home office renovation of your dreams, as well as the perfect home office addition for your house. Call us at 1-317-888-5681 for more information on our services, as well as to discuss your project and how we can help.

Plus, if you’re ready to get started on a renovation project, you’ll want to download our guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler in the Indianapolis Area.

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