Bring the outdoors in with a sunroom addition

A sunroom addition brings in light and brings the outdoors in!

A sunroom is a great place to relax! Whether it’s watching a ball game or reading your favorite book, a sunroom serves as a sanctuary to many homeowners.  When incorporated into the design of your existing home, a sunroom addition can added much needed space and bring in light.

What most don’t know is a sunroom addition doesnt have to be a stereotypical steel and glass assembly bolted on to the back of a home.  It can be blended into the design of the existing home and look as though it was always there.  This is the best way to achieve the biggest return on your remodeling investment.

One of the biggest challenges of sunrooms is heating and cooling. Since sunrooms typically maximize the amount of windows in the structure, it can be impractical to extend the existing system into a new sunroom without some imbalances.  In the past, this was a major problem. Not so much anymore. New technology has made it easy and efficient to heat and cool a new sunroom space.

ductless heating and coolingHigh efficiency, ductless split systems made by a variety of manufacturers have caught on in popularity not only for their efficiency, but also the flexibility.  Whereas through-the-wall HVAC systems  (thinkg hotel-motel units) were the norm a few years ago, now these units are much smaller and can be placed high or low on the wall.  The indoor unit is connected with power cables and refrigerant tubing to the outdoor unit, much like a typical heat pump.

Today’s modern sunroom incorporates relaxation, day light and integration with both the exterior and interior design of the home.  Wall mounted flat screen TV panels are popular, as are ceiling fans and recessed can lighting. Another option is to add skylights, to further invite the outdoors inward!

Greenwood Indiana sunroom 1 resized 600How would you design your sunroom? Some choose to extend carpet or hardood into their sunroom space. Other install ceramic or natural stone tiles on the floor to define the space. It’s up to you how you design the interior of your new sunroom.

Thinking about a sunroom addition to your home? Be sure to check out reputable remodelers around the Indianapolis area. Seek out ADVICE on how to choose the best remodel company to complete your sunroom addition.

If you had a sunroom, how would you do it? What would you use it for? Leave us some comments!  Do you already have a sunroom? What do you find you and your family doing in your sunroom?  You can leave your comments below.

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