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Here are a few simple ways adding color can increase your home’s curb appeal and value!

An old saying in the Army goes, “if it moves, salute it…if it doesn’t move, paint it.” Take a quick assessment of your home’s exterior, looking for the items you could spruce up with some color. The most obvious are doors, window trim, shutters, garage doors, even the mailbox. The important thing is to think in color. Lots of homes are built with white trim. No reason to stay with white — in fact there are plenty of reasons NOT to stay with white. Use a color that works with your siding or main house color. Consult a color expert at your local paint store or a designer.  Most are happy to help you make the right selection and help you avoid becoming a neighborhood eyesore. If not, hire

Have Your Foundation Painted. Most homes are built on a poured concrete foundation, or perhaps a cinder block foundation. You will be surprised at the difference it makes when you have your foundation painted. In many cases, your local paint store can recommend a coating that will actually increase water-resistance and help to prolong your foundations life span. Again, selecting the right product and color is key.  Use their expertise, or consult with an Indianapolis remodel contractor. They are here to help you do it right!

One area that often times get’s overlooked is your garages interior. As a cost cutting measure, today many builders neglect to paint a garage’s interior. This decision effects more than just aesthetics, it can actually end up costing you down the line. Even in an ideal environment, exposed drywall is susceptible to mold and mildew and product failure, now add to it the temperature and element extremes that your garages interior is exposed to and you have a recipe for trouble.

The good news is that when the proper products are used you will protect your home and beautify it at the same time… not to mention add to your home’s overall appeal and value.

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