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Kitchens have been become the place for entertainment and gathering in our kitchens. The addition of a bar top can not only be eye catching, but functional! Bar tops can be constructed of many different materials, can have several configuration and can serve multiple functions.

island kitchen bar topWhen we think of bar tops, some of us think of an expansive length of countertop where friends gather to to socialize. However, they are also functional within our family homes. Bar tops can be placed at the end of a run of countertop such as a peninsula, or built off one or all sides of a kitchen island. Kitchen bar top surfaces can be the same as the rest of the countertops in the kitchen or be a contrasting style, color and material.

No matter if you have a peninsula configuration or a separate kitchen island, a bar top can serve several purposes. Mainly, if you have a family and kids, it is a great place to cook and serve breakfast. Or, for entertainers, it is a perfect place to place food and drinks for your guest. Bar tops can also be on the same level as the rest of your countertops, or they can be raised.  Both styles can serve the same function, just be sure you pick out appropriate bar stools with the right height! For design parameters, and stool heights, Ask the kitchen experts at Gettum Associates for advice. You fill out a question, and receive an answer!

raised kitchen bar topFor bar top counter materials, you can choose the same material, style and color as your existing countertops, or an accent color. And yes, feel free to mix and match materials. It will only add to the character of your bar top.  While many may have laminate countertops throughout their kitchen, they may choose to equip their bar top with a contrasting material such as granite or solid surface. That is perfectly ok.

There are many styles, design configurations, materials and colors that can be chose for a bar top. It all depends on your nees and the look you are going for. Feel free to get the opinion of your family and friends, then consult a design build remodeler in the Indianapolis area to get advice as to your best options.  Gettum Associates is glad to help you with your kitchen space and use planning. Since 1987, we have been turning houses into dream homes. Sometimes, it makes sense to update the kitchen you have and stay in the home you love.

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