An inexpensive bathroom update can add style and value

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Keeping your home up to date is a good way to maintain its value.  One of the most popular rooms of the home to update is the bathroom.  Bathroom updates can vary in size and scope, from simple half bath or powder room upgrades, all the way up to full master bathroom remodels. And while it is true that a full bathroom remodel can be costly, a simple update does not have to be!

Sometimes, replacing simple items can make a big difference in the appearance.  The bathroom provides a great opportunity in that there are several components that can be replaced and usually for an affordable price.

Below is a list of bathroom items that are easy to upgrade:

Bathroom flooring –

Replacing the floor in your bathroom is a great way to update the look. Tile is the most popular choice for a bath floor, but you can also consider hardwood if it’s a hall bath or powder room (a bath without a tub or shower). If your on a tight budget, you can also choose a vinyl tile that looks like ceramic or other tile materials at a fraction of the price. If you your confident you can tackle the installation yourself, you can save a bundle if you only have to purchase materials and are willing to do the demolition on your own. However, for a professional looking installation, you should remove the toilet to install new flooring so be sure you are comfortable with that.

Bathroom lighting –

Replacing dated bathroom light fixtures is another to way to change the appearance of your bathroom. There are many styles to choose from, but most people tend to choose a finish or look that compliments the look of their fauce or bath accessories. Light fixtures are rather inexpensive and can be changed easily by a homeowner if they are comfortable working with electricity. However, be sure the power to the fixture is off before removal of the old and installation of the new lights!

Bathroom mirror –

Updating your bathroom mirror is also an inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom. Mirrors come in a variety of styles ranging from standard plate glass with or without polished bevel edgese to wood framed varieties.  Choose a mirror that compliments the style of your bathroom.  You can purchase a new bathroom mirror at your local home improvement center, or from a specialty glass shop. Just be sure to take measurements of the space above your sink to make sure your new mirror will fit! Also, be sure to read the directions carefully on how they should be installed.

Bathroom accessories –

Along with replacing your mirror and update to your towel bars, towel rings and toilet paper holders will revamp the look of your bathroom.  Consider some of the newer, more popular finishes such as brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze. Or, simply base your choice on your faucet or lighting color or trim. In most cases, accessories mount directly to wall studs or can be installed with the use of wall anchors.

Bathroom faucets-

Many of us have dated, worn out sink faucets. Perhaps they are bright brass, which used to be all the rage? Or maybe your ready for a new style. Whichever the case, replacing your faucet can have an immediate impact on the look of your bathroom. Find a style and finish you like, but make sure the faucet hole spacing matches the existing spacing.

Bathroom countertops-

Replacing an old swirly cultured marble bathroom countertop or plastic laminate countertop can also update the look of your bathroom. Cultured marble is still a fine choice for a bathroom and they even manufactur bathroom tops to resemble natural stone countertops. However, if your budget allows, consider a granite bath vanity top. The popularity of granite has made it a more affordable choice. However, be aware it may require a new undermount sink bowl.

Bathroom trim-

Bathrooms are typically a small confined space. This gives you the opportunity to affordably experiment with different trim. This could be baseboards or the addition of crown moulding, which can add a special touch!

Bathroom walls-

Removing old wall paper or repainting bathroom walls can have an immediate impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Even if you choose not to replace anything at all, a fresh coat of paint in a new color can freshen up things quickly and it is the least expensive update you can make!


All the options above offer a great way to give your bathroom a new life. Most are relatively inexpensive to complete and can be accomplished by most homeowners without the help of a professional remodeler.

However, it is advised to consult a reputable local contractor if your considering a more substantial upate. If your Indianapolis area, consider the services of Gettum Associates Inc, an award winning remodel contractor serving central Indiana since 1987.

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