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Yes, it is entirely possible to complete a room addition to your home if you have a well and septic system.  While there are many differences between city sewer/water systems and septic field/well water systems, in both cases there are underground lines and other components to consider.  However, with careful planning, these obstacles can be overcome.

Local building and health department codes will dictate how close a structure can be to a septic system.  The last thing you want is your room addition to be placed over a septic tank. For good reason, local code officials will say “no”.  But, lines can be extended and tanks can be relocated to avoid new room additions.  Also, keep in mind that adding space to your existing home may required you to increase the capacity of a septic system.  Again, local building and health department codes will dictate what needs to be done.

Although you can investigate requirements on your own, it is recommended to hire an experienced remodel and renovation contractor in the Indianapolis area to research what will need to be done prior to starting construction.  And many of these details will need to be explored before applying and submitting for permits.  DO NOT allow a contractor to begin work without proper permits as you will possibly face fines and a stop work order.  Planning for such issues with well and septic systems should begin early on in the design phases of your project and before you sign a contract.  A reputable Design/Build remodel contractor will be your best bet!

If you are on a city sewer and water system, the above will apply the same in many ways.  However, most of these utilities generally are installed from the road and up through the front of the house making it less likely you will have to deal with these issues.  However, even additions to the front of the home can be planned to address water and sewer lines. Again, an experienced, reputable contractor will know what will need to be done to comply with local building codes.

Im summary, room additions can be constructed even if your home utilizes a well and or septic system. Proper planning before you get too far in the planning phase can go along way to be sure you are satisfied with your overall remodeling experience and will keep costs in line with your budget.  For any questions, consult your local building or health department. If your in the Greenwood or Indianapolis Indiana area, give Gettum Associates a call. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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