Add Some Mid-Century Modern Design Flare to Your Home


Trends come and go… and then come back again. Mid-century modern design has come full circle and back into everyday home decor. But you need to be careful: you don’t want to go overboard and have your whole house look like a mid-century catastrophe. Here are six ways to add some vintage flair into your home without overdoing it.


Dig deep and find inspiration from the iconic 50s and 60s furniture. Spruce up your bedroom and find some retro wood nightstands. Look for one with two deep drawers, steep slim legs and a nightstand that’s low to the ground. Modern sleek and simple designs dominated the 50s and are sure to transform any room.

A great way to incorporate some style is to include a bar cart. “Mad Men” displays the importance of cocktail culture that was a staple of the era. Select a gold cart and decorate it with vintage glassware, cocktail shakers and ornate decorations.


Don’t forget the bedroom-bold patterns, contrasting colors and a striking print-adorned bed will add just the touch your modern room needs. If you need a new mattress, now is the time to look. Slim profile mattresses were especially in vogue in the 50s and 60s. If you’re going to get new bedding, go out and get a new mattress as well!

Art Work

Retro art work will add an unexpected element to any room. Find abstract art or vintage silk screen pieces. A popular vintage art piece is a graphic wall hanging consisting or squares or circles in red, orange and brown components.

Wood Pieces

Let all the wood pieces take center stage in any room. For a living room, accent wood pieces by using neutral wall colors and soft fabrics. If using a modern wood couch, decorate with earth tones and decorative throw pillows (shag, perhaps, if you’re feeling daring).


Mid-century-style lamps are easy to find in any vintage or antique store. You might even be able to find the perfect style for you by looking in your grandparents’ house. Look for a curvy base with a tall, long, slim lampshade.

For a bold look, update that entryway or any ceiling lighting with a brass helix-style chandelier. Using this style of lighting will tie the room together and won’t hurt the pocketbook too much either; you can find great retro lighting at flea markets and antique stores.

Traditional Color Scheme

Embrace the modern mid-century era and focus on colors in shades of mustard, avocado, tangerine and browns. A great way to implement the color scheme is to use suede or leather couches in yellow or avocado and accent the room with wood pieces, wood floating shelving and a natural cream wall color. If you want to tone down the room and not go full 60s, place a few mid-century pieces (wingback chairs with wooden legs and a low mod table) in a room and keep the other details simple by mixing grays, whites and blacks.

About the author:

Lisa Gonzales Lisa is a freelance journalist who writes about food and travel, especially to her native country, Mexico.

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