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A small, octagonal window in the exterior wall of an Indianapolis area open, two story section of the home is out of scale with the rest of the home.

Worse, the size of the window does not allow enough natural light in to illuminate the space. (see existing photo, above right).


In order to encourage more natural light into the space, as well as match the size of the unit to the home, the under-sized octagon window was removed and disposed of.  The installation of a new, larger window unit required removal and alteration of the existing siding, the interior drywall and the existing window opening structure.  After demolition and modification of the existing opening was complete, the new picture window was installed.

larger windowAnd not just any builder grade window unit was used! The homeowner chose a high-performance window manufactured by Marvin Windows and Doors.  The new unit features a low-maintenance, aluminum clad exterior with matching aluminum clad brick mould, energy-efficient Low-E insulated dual pane glass with window grills in between.

The exterior cladding is Marvin’s “Wineberry” color, to compliment the paint scheme of the existing window units in the home.

All in all, the problem of not enough natural light was solved!

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