Add Light to Your Indianapolis Basement Remodel With a Window Well

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We talk to many people every day considering home improvement options for their indianapolis area home. Some need their kitchen remodeled. Others are looking to update bathrooms. And some homeowners simply need more space.

Those looking for more space may be overlooking the most inexpensive part of a home to renovate: The Basement! Whether you want a rec area, wet bar, bathroom or bedroom, a basement allows for many options. But what about the dungeon look of most basements?

Some basements, especially older basements, have small “hopper” type windows. These windows might be fine if all your going to use your basement for is storage. However, if your considering finishing the basement to add additional living space, the installation of larger windows will be a benefit. Not to mention, if your considering adding a basement bedroom, a larger window to provide a means of e-gress is required by the building code.

Along with a window which meets the sizing requirements of the building code, there must also be a way to climb out of the window and up to grade, or the ground level. This is where a window well comes into play.

A window well allows for light to enter the basement space through an excavated well and a wall to retain the dirt. Whatever is chosen to act as the well wall must provide an easy way to exit the well. A window well retaining wall can be constructed with concrete footings and block and/or brick walls.

One alternative to a concrete or brick window well wall, is modular plastic units that install together to create a “terrace” effect that provides an easy way to exit the basement and the well itself. These units are more cost friendly than concrete or masonry walls. The “terraces” provide a nice place for plants or decorative rock. One example of these units can be seen at Bilco’s website

Gettum Associates, an Indianapolis area home remodeling contractor, has installed many window wells. Our clients have found to the addition of a window well to be of tremendous value to their home and lifestyle. Allowing light into a space and providing a code-compliant means of e-gress is the first step in creating a basement bedroom or living space.

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