A kitchen nook to solve your dining issues for a growing family

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kitchen nook expansion resized 600Has your family grown? If so, how have you accommodated your new family members?  For most, it is tough. As our kids grown, the amount of space necessary to get them into their chairs grows. Many of us are left dealing with a chair hitting the wall and trying to squeeze in a kid! Thankfully, there are options.

For some, dining areas are located at the rear of the home and adjacent to our kitchens. If that relates to you, your in luck! Sometimes a simple addition is all it takes to alleviate your growing pains!  No, this does not entail a large-scale kitchen remodel. You CAN start small and eventually work up to further modification if you wish.  Rather, it usually involves removing a section of your existing rear wall and extending an addition.

Sure, it does cost money. And it won’t be cheap. However, it will add value and appeal and of course, take care of any space issues your experiencing when gathering your family at the dinner table.  If your considering such an option, there are a few tips that can help you along the way.

First, be sure you seek an experienced, qualified remodel contractor in your area. Second, know your requirements. How many people are in your family now? What about the future? Now is the time to think about adding any members to your team.  Be sure your remodel contractor is aware of your family and your future plans! With this knowledge, the proper amount of space can be incorporated into the design of your nook addition.

As an Indianapolis area experience remodel professional, we routinely advise our clients in how to plan for the now as well as the future. One tip of advice is to hire a skilled, design build remodel contractor. Someone who can fulfill your vision of the near future as well as your long-term goals.  For example, if you think you may improve your kitchen at a later time be sure to mention your goals for that as well. Sometimes, a master plan can be develope that can allow you to remodel and improve in phases. This not makes sense not only in having future insight, but also in overall costs.

For more information about adding a nook addition or remodeling your Indianapolis area kitchen, give Gettum Associates a call. We have provided long-term kitchen and space solutions for hundreds of clients around the central Indiana area since 1987.

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