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Gutter replacement and repairs

Gutters and downspouts help channel roof water off the home and away from the house. Older, failing gutters may leak which can cause soil erosion and even a wet basement.

We recommend checking your gutters and downspouts for proper function and for leaks a few times a year. You can prevent larger, more costly home repairs by maintaining your gutters.

Whether your looking to replace or repair your existing gutters and downspouts, Gettum Associates can provide professional installation at a competitive price.

Plus, we offer a 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee! This is a direct testament to the fact that we won’t nickle and dime you if something goes wrong. We strive to be 100% perfect on every project but if we do make a mistake or you are not happy with something, please let us know and we will be out to your house within 24-48 hours.

Through our suppliers, we can offer a wide variety of colors along with many options for gutter debris protection, such as gutter screens and gutter toppers.

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8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

  1. A large number of cracks, holes, or rust spots. Some issues can be fixed using some sealant and maybe a little flashing. But if you see more than half a dozen areas where there is obvious wear, then you may want to replace your gutters.
  2. Several broken fasteners. This is what holds your gutter to your roof and keeps it level. If you can repair a few fasteners, great: but if these problems persist, the gutters themselves may be the issue.
  3. Separated gutters. Guttering systems only function if they are fastened together in a continuous channel. If they begin separating from one another frequently, it may be time for a gutter replacement.
  4. Gutters pulling away from the roof. You can hammer in the fasteners time and again, but if spaces continue to appear between your roofline and your gutters, the fascia boards may be rotting.
  5. Sagging or improperly-pitched gutters. If a proper pitch is not maintained along your gutter system, the water will pool in certain sections and possibly spill over.
  6. Peeling exterior paint. When gutters pull away from your roof, the water can seep down over the rear edge and onto your siding or trim. Peeling paint means this has been happening for a while and you should probably replace your gutters.
  7. Eroded landscaping. You work hard to make your landscaping look good. If you must repeatedly invest time and money to repair water damage from malfunctioning gutters, bite the bullet and arrange for a gutter replacement.
  8. Flooded basements. Water constantly pouring near your foundation can leak into your basements, where it can do some costly damage. While repairing your basement, you should go ahead and replace your gutters as well.

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