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Jason has been in the remodeling industry since high school and began as a general laborer and carpenter’s helper. In 2000 after graduating college, he had the opportunity to transition from the field into the office and began working with sales and design departments to produce project specifications and job costing. Along with providing support to produce projects, Jason is the Vice President of the company and oversees all marketing efforts. He also sits on The Remodelor’s Council board of the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI). In 2012, he was awarded “Forty under 40” by Professional Remodeler magazine.

Whole Home Remodeling. Is It Worth It?

whole home remodelingLarge-scale remodeling projects like whole home remodeling can come with some drawbacks like high cost and the amount of time the project may take. However, there are also several benefits to embarking on a whole home remodeling adventure.

The Spruce explains the difference between a single project and embarking on a whole-house remodel:

"Home renovation is a huge project that can start off simple. You peel back a corner of carpeting on Saturday morning, and a light bulb goes off in your head: Why not refinish these hardwood floors?

A full-house [...]

Can You use a Sunroom in the Winter?

sunroomAs temperatures start to decline and the days begin to get shorter, you may assume that it’s time to retreat indoors to the comfort of your living room and your fireplace. However, you can still enjoy your time in your sunroom even if temperature is below freezing and a blanket of snow covers the ground in your backyard.

Not only can you use your sunroom in the summer and keep cool in the shade with a great view of your backyard, but you can also utilize your sunroom in the winter as [...]

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Rebuilding Your Home After Storm Damage

storm damageRebuilding a home after storm damage has made it uninhabitable or dangerous means taking specific steps, quickly, to get the damage assessed and to ensure your family isn't displaced for any longer than necessary. Homeowners insurance is a must when you want to protect your home, but what happens when a major storm damages your home, and you need to rely on your policy?

Here are some of the steps you should take to reduce the costs and timeframe associated with repairing your home after a storm.

Conduct Triage on the Home [...]

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Remodeling an Extra Room in Your House

remodeling an extra roomHome sizes in America have been increasing for many years, and it's not uncommon to have an extra room in a new home that would do well as a home office or a small guest bedroom. However, you have many other creative options for remodeling an extra room or space in your house.

Here are some creative ideas for your extra room whether you're a recent empty-nester and need some ideas for a child's old bedroom or you've just moved into a spacious home with extra rooms.

Create a Family [...]

Good Budgeting for Home Remodeling Projects

budgeting for home remodelingBudgeting for home remodeling projects doesn't require a degree in finance, but the process is easier when you know some of the "ins and outs" of home remodeling. Not surprisingly, working with a reputable contractor is the best way to stick to a home improvement budget.

However, it's worth understanding the process, from start to finish, so you aren't surprised by the budget your contractor offers you when he or she bids for the project. Here are a few details to remember about home remodeling budgets, which can help [...]

Making the Choice for a Remodel or Renovation

remodel or renovationWhen you decide to improve your home, you have a variety of options before you, and one of the decisions you may need to make is whether a remodel or renovation is best for your circumstances. If you want to improve your home, you may choose a dramatic remodel where many facets of your home are completely changed, or you may choose a renovation where various features of your home are simply repaired or renewed with similar versions to what already exists. You may even consider a third option [...]

Avoid these Kitchen Remodeling Pitfalls

Kitchen RemodelingThe kitchen is often the most important and most expensive room you can remodel in your home, and there are tons of kitchen remodeling pitfalls into which you can land if you're not careful in your planning. Here are a few common pitfalls to remember as you begin planning your kitchen remodeling project.

Always Place Your Sink Near a Window or Open Space

You may wish to maximize the number of cabinets in your home, and increasing storage space is a great way to improve your kitchen. However, you can actually go [...]

When It’s Time to Call a Home Remodeling Contractor

home remodelingRemodeling a home may range from some simple projects like replacing the fixtures around the house, getting some new doorknobs and pulls, and painting the walls to major projects with a significant amount of change planned for your home.

In some circumstances, you might feel tempted to perform some of those remodeling projects on your own, but it's important to resist taking on too much at a time or trying projects that are clearly beyond the scope of your abilities.

Drawbacks to DIY Projects

As a homeowner, you can certainly build a [...]

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Clay, Slate, Metal, or Asphalt? Choosing a New Roof

new roofIt's often not too difficult to tell when your home needs a new roof. The shingles might look in terrible shape, or you might find pieces of your roof in the gutters where the rain or wind has displaced them. As you begin to explore options for replacing your roof, you'll likely see that many types of material exist for your roofing project.

Will you choose the traditional and affordable option of asphalt? Will you upgrade to slate or clay? Will you consider wood shingles? Each of these options offers various [...]

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Greet the Spring with a New Porch or Back Deck

new porchThe winter winds may still have a grip on much of the United States, but it's never too early to start planning a back deck or new porch. While it's possible to build a deck in just a few days, spending a little time this winter in the planning stage can help you best enjoy the warm months of the year with a new porch or deck.

You have many options for readymade decks and porches that may only take a few days to install, but it's still [...]

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